Animal Mukti (May 7th, 2022)

Join us on Facebook Live Saturday May 7th, 2022 11AM CET for a conversation on Animal Mukti.

Domestic animals depend on humans for their everyday needs, food, water, shelter, medical care, love, and more, but so many of them aren’t able to fulfill any of these needs. We will see an insight on street dogs and cats welfare, as well as farm animals. We will discuss 2 life-changing projects to provide animals a happier, healthier existence.

YS 2.46. sthira-sukham āsanam

The seat should be steady and joyful.

This is part of the Animal Mukti initiative. Animal Mukti, founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life, together with Janet Rienstra of Meta Records, is a free spay and neuter program of the Humane Society of New York. Prior to the founding of Animal Mukti in 1999, approximately 100,000 cats and dogs in New York City died needlessly each year, 40,000 by euthanasia and the rest by neglect, abandonment and abuse. Since its founding, Animal Mukti has helped reduce the number of needless deaths by approximately 37%.

Meet our panelists

Otara, Otara gunewardene, Embark

Otara Gunewardene is Sri Lanka's leading female entrepreneur, fashion icon and philanthropist.  Her journey began by setting up shop at the back of her blue Station Wagon, that latter became her lifestyle store, Odel. She became renown throughout Asia as a top retailer and Otara was the first female entrepreneur to take her company public in Sri Lanka in 2010.  

During her tenure at Odel, Otara initiated Embark – a brand that would be synonymous with street dog welfare in Sri Lanka.  After 25 years of hard work and dedication that spearheaded Odel as Sri Lanka’s number one department store, Otara sold her shares to Softlogic PLC in 2014, marking the end of a glorious era. 

Consequently, Embark became the highlight of Otara’s journey from thereon, whereby she was able to pursue her true calling: a service towards animals. Otara revolutionized the idea of street dog welfare in Sri Lanka by using all profits from Embark’s brand and merchandise towards rescue and treatment operations. 

With the progression of Embark as an organization that works towards rescuing, treating, rehoming and improving the lives of street dogs, Otara has also branched out to animal welfare in general, environmental conservation and social welfare through both Embark and the Otara Foundation. 

In 2020 Otara launched her new brand Who We Are which is a unique online market offers the opportunity to live a more holistic lifestyle, with a mission to challenge us to rethink our lifestyles so we contribute purposely and positively to the environment.

To learn more about Otara go to Otara, Embark or Who We Are

Rebeca was born in Madrid, She is an 800h Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher. She had her first experience with Jivamukti Yoga in Sydney, Australia. The discovery of Yoga philosophy ignited a burning desire to expand and transform. In this environment, the universal law of cause and effect became very apparent.

She trusts in the necessity for consistent, regular practice to experience and deepen the understanding of the common nature of all beings.

In her teachings, she tries to raise awareness by creating a space that is progressive towards equality. Rebeca is dedicated to protecting animal rights and contributing to the benefit of all beings in some small way.

Extending gratitude to her teachers and mentors Ruth Lauer-Manenti and Olga Oskorbina, she honours their teachings by continuing the flow of information.

Rebeca is the founder of “For Them” with the manifesto “We believe in fierce compassion. We stand up and fight for every animal who is suffering until every animal is free. We co-create and support a community that fosters this liberation and respect to help our entire culture be positively transformed. We contribute to the awakening of humanity and the promotion of a peaceful message through spiritual and artistic movements and practices”

To learn more about Rebeca click here


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